"It was on a rainy night like this, where my memories seem to begin."

Ryo wakes up in the middle of a particularly rainy night and is unable to go back to sleep until he makes sure his uncle, Mr. Hunter, is safe from the shadow spirits that lurk around his house.

His memories are very fuzzy of how he got into this situation in the first place.
Along the way, the shadows tell him some frightening things... and so he begins to unravel bits and pieces of his past memories.


In the Midnight Light is a short horror RPG Maker game where you hide or face your fears to collect memory fragments which will help Ryo remember some of his important life events.

♥ Sneak around your house at midnight, and time your heartbeat to the QTEs when you encounter shadows! 

♥ There are two possible endings that you can get. The game takes around 15-40 minutes depending on your speed, and there are many little items to interact with around the house that change as you progress through the three nights!

While this game is playable on web browser, it is recommended to download it as a ZIP file for the full experience. Download it from this page, then extract the ZIP file and run Game.exe which you can find in the game folder.
(Currently only available for Windows users only)

★ this game was made in 15 days for the "3rd RPG Maker Horror Game Jam" hosted by Beregon. i hope you enjoy my first game! from hoshiyo :)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(109 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker, Paint Tool SAI
Tags2D, Anime, Cute, Horror, RPG Maker, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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I liked it a lot :D

Hi, I played your game  it's so good and emotional , I enjoyed it, I have an offer for you I am studying English-Turkish Translation and Interpretation If you wish, I can translate whole texts into Turkish so you can reach more players. I don't want payment, just want to be part of a game, gain experience and be known more as a translator 😅 

You can reach me via this email address: meliksahcivitt@gmail.com Thanks for time!


Very nice art style and execution, loved the somber tone. It wasn't all that scary, but I can tell that wasn't quite the focus anyway.

Anyway, I think I have a mild crush on Hunter. Hotdamn~

This is a great game! I love it a lot but couldnt get to the end



dude why is the running in the forest part so hard? i loved the game but couldnt get past it. very frustrating.


dude I can't even get through the first heartbeat thing



This is my now and always will be my fav game to play

it's so cute yet so sad but I mostly love the storyline and it makes me feel bad for Ryo 

Just Heard A Sequel Is In The Works!!!! Hope You're Doing Well, And By The Way, I Loved This Game, But I Was Actually Really Sad When The Game Ended, Well, Here's To The Sequel! :D

how do i get the second ending?

This game is a big inspiration to me. Thank you for creating it, I hope you'll make more and more

This Game is amazing! And so cute!
I got kinda scared when i was in the forest and heard the gunshot but it was cool! The letter that Ryo wrote to Mr. Hunter was so sweet and sad and when Ryo said/thought that "Maybe he did abondon me" I was acctully thinking about that too-

But anyway AWESOME GAME! This is such a good game and even if there are only 2 endings i can't stop playing!

Aun sigo jugando pero debo decir q me gusta mucho este juego, me la pasa guardando por miedo a perder todo, pero en serio felicidades, es un juego hermoso aun no lo termino pero cuando lo haga volvere a comentar, trato de entender todo porq el juego esta eningles

Chaooo, besos

Aww that was so cute and super fuuuunnn :D


this game is sososo good!! it's adorable and sweet and the story is so memorable and unique! i honestly wish it was longer so i could play more! also..... why's mr. hunter kinda ._. LMAO

Awwh thank you so much for playing!! I’m glad you had fun with it!! (^^)❤




It was a very nice game!❤❤
I love the aesthetic, the art style is pretty cute too! the story is also interesting, I wonder what happened to Mr. Hunter in that "Bad ending"

also I want to point out that the artstyle in this game is really cute, everything in it. especially Mr. Hunter, He soo Handsome! maybe I will make a fanart of him if I have a free time, how do I send a fanart for this game?

Awwhh thank you so much for your lovely comment!! It makes me very glad to hear that you enjoyed the game, and my art too!! TT)/❤❤❤

If you’d like to send fanart, you can send it via email (hoshiyostudios@gmail.com) or Twitter (tag me at “@hoshiyos_”!) I really appreciate the support, thank you once again!! :D

No problem! I forgot to reply to this answer lol. but hey I'm finally finish my fanart! I'm so glad I finally can make some fanart of this game, I already send it on email so u can check it out!
thank you once again!

(1 edit) (+1)

It was a very nice and cute game. This was the first game I installed on my laptop :D Thanks hoshiyo! there is something I want to ask, will there be a continuation of this game?


Hi, thank you so much for downloading and playing my game! I’m so happy you liked it :D As for your question - yes, I’m planning to make a sequel very soon! It might be a while before I can start working on it, but I hope you’ll get to see it some day! ❤


Such a sweet and spooky game. I love all the art too :D

Hi, thanks a lot for playing! Your comment makes me so happy!! :D ❤


Hello. Just wanted to say I had an amazing time playing your game. It's now one of my favorite games that I have ever played. Keep up the amazing work I look forwards to playing more games made by you.

Hi! Wow, it’s a really big honour to hear that! Thank you so much for playing through my little game, I’m very grateful that you enjoyed both it and the message! :D


Hey there! I made a video on your game and I just want to say sorry in advance. Great game though I would definitely recommend.

Hi!! Thanks so much for trying my game out! No worries, it was really fun seeing your playthrough, glad you had a good time, haha! ^^


really good game! I really love your artstyle

I think I kinda relate to Ryo! ^^

Awwh thank you so much, that makes me so happy to hear! I’m glad you enjoyed it! (/^^)❤

how do you move? :(

Hi, are you playing in your browser on mobile or PC? It seems that the game only works with arrow keys on the PC :O The best way to play would be to download it, so I hope you can try it out!

I'm playing on a pc I can't download games I tried the arrow and aswd   i still would rate this game 100/10 


That was such a cute short game, I really liked the good ending art, and the little '' thank you for playing '' as well. Small details like that always personally get me :'D 
I had no bugs/issues while playing the game in browser mode. 
Criticism wise, I can't say much, this was a short game made within 15 days for game jam.
Did you make the environment/background art for the game yourself? It's very cute <3 :)

Hi, thanks for checking out my little game!! I’m so glad you had a good time with it :D And yes, all the backgrounds and art are drawn by myself haha! (^^)/ I’m also really happy you enjoy all the details <3 I hope I’ll be able to bring you a bigger better game with more stuff some time this year!


Hi! This is a good game, Can I translate it into Chinese?

Hello, thank you for your kind words! Sure, that sounds very exciting (^^) If it’s okay, send me an email at hoshiyostudios@gmail.com and we can talk about the details there!

how do you beat the first part? do you just keep clicking or what?

Hi! If you’re talking about the moving hearts, press Z or the spacebar when the moving (white-coloured) heart matches the 2nd (darker-coloured) heart. Do this 2 more times, then you should be able to progress. Good luck!


Hey there, heads up guys. Someone has made a fake game page/download of your game. in the midnightt lightt by kshoramouniri (itch.io) It is possibly related to the recent discord scams. I am sorry this has happened, it always frustrates me when this happens to devs. I suggest you and your followers mass report it. You can also file a DMCA if necessary. Take care now.  


Hi, I just woke up and saw your tweets - thank you so much for taking the time to report those fake game pages. (I had no idea something like this could happen!) It seems as of now, the fake page has been taken down, so once again thank you for reaching out to me and everyone reading here.


This game was a nice experience, it felt sad, thought-provoking, and wholesome at the same time. I like your use of visual metaphors it helped sell the message of seeking help if you feel doubt in yourself.

The only critique I can offer is that you could add a bit more variety to the game-play loop. However, I understand it's a game-jam game so time wasn't a luxury you had.

Hi, thank you so much for writing such an insightful review! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the game :) I also really appreciate the feedback, again thank you so much!

What rpgmaker version was this made with?

hi!! this was made with RPG Maker MV :)


Crippling anxiety go brrrr


please say there are more endings! it was a really good game, i really liked it.. i cried at the end tho i`m an easy crier:)

awwhh i wish i could say that for you! i will be making a part 2 of this story in the future though, so i hope you can look forward to that! anyway, thank you so much for playing it to the end!! :’D


It's really a nice short horror story with feels. I like the little time your heart beat mechanic like it's a rhythm horror. I guess only things I'd improve on is there could of been more to the endings. This is well put together and hope to see more from you! 

Hi! I just saw your video, I liked hearing your commentary haha! Thank you so much for trying my game out, I really appreciate the feedback - I’ll do my best to improve my future games!! :D


this looks so interesting!! I love rpg games so i'm definitely looking forward to playing this game :)

Aww thank you for taking the time to write a comment! I hope you’ll find something to enjoy in my little rpg game!! :D


I loved the story of this game. It started out scary and got really sad toward the end. Great job! Can't wait to see what you make next! 

Wow! Thank you so much for checking my game out and making a playthrough of it too! I really appreciate your kind comment and support! :D




The art in this game is just so pretty and the story is simple but goes well with the game. Still kinda sad about the bad ending lol. Short game but very well developed ;)


Hi, thank you so much for playing my game! I really appreciate your comment and feedback, it definitely inspires me to make more games in the future :D


Hi, I walked toward the shadow within the first minute because I was curious what would happen and I received this error message. I was playing this in the web browser in Firefox on MacOS! Let me know if you need any other information.


Hi, thanks for reporting the bug!

Did you try refreshing the page, or does it keep happening when you get to this part? I’ve encountered a problem before where the web browser version didn’t get to load all of the game elements because of a poor internet connection, so it crashed similarly to your screenshot. In this case, either refreshing or trying another browser might help fix the problem!

Anyhow, if it still happens please let me know! Hope I can help you!


This is a really sweet game! :) The art style and story is also super cute, good job for such a limited production time!


Wow thank you so much, I’m so happy to hear that you liked the game! I really appreciate your kind comment! :D


Hi there, your game is really nice and we loved the aesthetics of the design !! (we're two player one watching the other play) and it was really pleasant te play also it has something discomforting and comforting at the same time we hope to  see the other end !!!


Hi there, thanks a lot for your comment!! I’m very happy to hear that you guys had fun playing! And I really like how you described the atmosphere! Hope you get to see the other ending! :D


Love the concept of the game, however the endings were somewhat simple, wish to see how it actually ends tho.


Hi, thank you so much for playing my game and making a video about it too, very cool! :D Yeah I’m sorry if it seemed a bit short, I had to cut down the plot into chunks so that I could submit it in time for this game jam. That said, I would love to continue this story one day!